Shuffling the Famous Logos

Lately, I came across a project posted on the inspirational site termed “The Greatest Brandversations”. This incredibly creative assignment was completed by Stefan Asafti, a designer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The project visually portrays a sort of a brand war between famous brands. The designer has taken two top rivals from an industry and switched the logo design of both rival companies to make a sort of visual confusion for the brand lovers.

The project revolves around the idea that the modern day brands have established a history among their customers. There have been several famous brand rivalries like the one between Coke and Pepsi. These brands used to visually communicate this rivalry through their creative and conceptual ads. Stefan, in his project, has shown this visual communication by showing how the logos of both rivals influence one another.
Stefan has successfully demonstrated that he is among the talented and creative graphic designers. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these mind-boggling brandversations of famous brands and surely hope that you guys will also be amazed to watch them.

McDonalds – Burger King Brandversation


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