Reader’s Digest : Old Logo v/s New Logo

After 85 long years of improving American lives, the monthly general interest family magazine Reader’s Digest finally said goodbye to its long-time logo in January 2008. A more hip and tech savvy design replaced the timeless logo. Logo Design pointed out some of the noticeable changes:

1. Sans serif vs. serif
2. Emphasis on Digest vs. Reader’s
3. Red stylized apostrophe vs. black apostrophe
4. Speech bubble in “D” vs. no speech bubble
5. URL vs. no URL

New tag line: Life Well Shared.

Target young readers. The magazine’s average reader is 52 years old. One of its strategy to target the younger audience is to shift from direct mailing to online advertising. That’s why URL is an important part of the new logo. Also, the magazine has partnered with hip brands like Verizon, Samsung, and South Beach as advertisers.

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