Amul ke Anmol Ads (2011)

The murder of crime reporter J Dey in Mumbai inspired the latest of Amul’s famous ads, a sombre tribute to the slain journalist.

V Achutanandan, the grand old man from Kerala, called Rahul Gandhi an “Amul Baby” in a political exchange during the state elections. Admittedly, the youthful Rahul started it with a comment on Achutanandan’s advanced age.

After years of acrimony, brothers Mukesh and Anil Ambani made peace sending Reliance stocks skyrocketing . Amul had a comment on the Ambani family affairs .

Social crusader Anna Hazare brought the government to it’s knees by the simple method of going on fast. The protest quickly gathered momentum, mobilizing public support.

Shuttle star Saina Nehwal’s gold at the Commonwealth Games was the medal that took India to the number one spot, narrowly beating England .

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