Dabur’s Logo

THE name Dabur derives its existence from a rather curious pronunciation of words. In Eastern India, a doctor is often called `dactar.’ So, when Dr S. K. Burman (great grandfather of the present Dabur India Chairman, V. C. Burman) decided to start a company selling ayurvedic prescription-based drugs in 1884, he decided to call the company by a name which is easy on the local tongue. He took the first two letters of `dactar’ and combined it with the first three of his own name to come up with Dabur. This bit of history explains the humble origins of what we now know as Dabur India Ltd (DIL). Since then the company has come a long way.

For the last two decades, it has conveyed the healthy life message through a banyan tree logo on all its products, packaging and communication. But, earlier this year, DIL realised that having traversed a widely divergent path from what it began as originally, there was a need to appear more contemporary to the consumer at large.

So, after over two decades of using the banyan tree as its logo, DIL decided to replace it with something “more contemporary and relevant”, according to the CEO, Sunil Duggal. “While the current logo has been with Dabur for years, it has been evolving and the banyan tree getting progressively modernised; we now felt the need to contemporise the logo and make it more relevant.

The new identity — the tree in a younger look, in form and colour — which goes with a new brand essence line “celebrate life,” has been designed by DMA, part of the Delhi-based Aalia Group.

At the same time, it was also important to maintain continuity as the banyan tree was so closely identifiable with Dabur. He said the burst of leaves and their colours in the new identity signify growth, rejuvenation and inner strength. The form and colour of the trunk convey growth, youthfulness and stability. Also, the Dabur font for the brand name has been changed, maintaining design cues from the previous font.

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