Logos with Hidden Meanings

You see many logos everyday, but have you ever wondered what they actually mean? Have you noticed the details and meanings hidden in them. Well, I think the answer would be no, thanks to our extremely busy lives.

These famous logos have hidden meanings and secrets, so this is your chance to know what they are. Check them out, you might be surprised on what you find!

1. Formula 1 Logo

At first, this logo might not make much sense. But if you look closely, you’ll see the number 1 in the negative space between the F and the red stripes. I also love how this logo communicates a feeling of speed.

2. Carrefour

Carrefour is the name of a French international hypermarket chain. It means “intersection” in English. If you look at the logo you would see two arrows pointing at opposite directions, but notice closely, the white space in between the two logos actually makes a big “C”. Cool, right?

3. The Pittsburgh Zoo

The Pittsburgh Zoo is one of only six major zoo and aquarium combinations in the United States. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Highland Park.This logo is an awesome one. You can see the tree, but the sides of the tree have a white space, which makes up a monkey and lion staring each other. A perfect logo for a zoo — don’t you think?

4. LG

Can you see any resemblance with Pac Man? Just simply do a little tilting and shift the “nose” upwards. South Koreans are amazing.

5. Tour de France

The Tour de France is an annual bicycle race held in France and nearby countries. Can you see the biker in that logo? No? Well, see how “o”, “u”, and “R” all come together along with the yellow dot to form a biker. Cool, right?


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