Business Quiz Set 14

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1. The title of this book comes from this poem
‘Golden Journey to Samarkhand’ by
James Elroy Flecker. Which book?
We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go
Always a little further: it may be
____________________ barred with snow,
Across that angry or that glimmering sea .

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2. If KINDLE is to AMAZON; then
___________ is to BARNES & NOBLE

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3. What is the claim to fame of this google doodle ?


4. AAAAA (1st Quality):
Highest quality in the marketplace. Like new, perfect to very near perfect.

AAAA (2nd Quality) :
Very slightly blemished . May have minor imperfections.

AAA (3rd Quality) :
slightly scuffed or blemished that may have minor discoloration.

AA (4th Quality):
Appropriate for practice
What am I talking about?

Hint :



One thought on “Business Quiz Set 14

  1. 1. Beyond the last blue mountain,by RM Lala. This is the biography of JRD Tata
    2. Nook
    3. The 2009 Doodle 4 Google Competition saw school kids from all over U.S submitting designs for Google Logo based on the theme “What I Wish For The World” and 28,000 designs were received. And the winning logo is this

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