Business Quiz Set 12

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1. What is meant by “ eating our own dog food”?


2. “Always” is a popular brand of feminine hygiene products of Procter and Gamble. How do we know it in India?

Hint :


3. The following excerpts are from the April 26th 1996 edition of the New York Times:
>”Bill Gates gets the credit but somebody else did most of the work’.
>’For the first time in this decade something from Microsoft has been shipped on time’.
>’Regardless of the problems with this one calling Microsoft Support won’t help’.>’For at least another year it’ll suck.”
What was the topic of this article?



After seeing the answer , once again go through the question .

4. Which company made a deal with the famous Dabbawallahs in Mumbai to help them set up a supply chain system?


5. The REDS, the company says, are a community of free-spirited riders with the Insatiable urge to discover the innumerable pleasures of riding and touring on their…?



One thought on “Business Quiz Set 12

  1. 1. This is a term popularised in Microsoft and is used to describe the policy that the microsoft employees first use the product thmeslves before launching it to the outside world.
    2. Whisper
    3. Birth of Bill Gates’ baby
    4. Mico Bosch India
    5. Royal Enfield

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