Business Quiz Set 11

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1. What product resulted in 1998 when Mahesh Gupta had a “purifying” experience while working on a Reverse Osmosis research product?

Hint :


2. This company’s journal from 1942 narrates a certain story from its WW I origins.
“…an engineer was testing the company’s first 320 bhp engine. He admired the reflection of the shining disc of the rotating propeller that radiated like an aura of two silver cones. In between the two cones, the blue from the sky shined that made the ‘rotating propeller into four areas of color – silver and blue.”
This was accompanied by some advertisements made by the company to just to give a logical explanation to the public about something that was actually inspired from a regional state flag. What are we talking about?


3. They formed a company which was one of the two in a particular category to survive the Great Depression in the United States, after which large amount of service was rendered to the army during WWII. They finally resumed civilian production afterwards.
Today they have their own self sponsored marketing club for their brand enthusiasts, serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. Name the company.


4.What is the significance of the number 1909 in India?


5. Which car sub brand literally translates into “dot” or “point” in Italian?

Hint :



One thought on “Business Quiz Set 11

  1. 1. Kent RO water purifier
    2. How the BMW logo was created
    3. Harley Davidson
    4. Service to help customers stop getting unnecessary calls from salespersons
    5. Fiat Punto

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