Business Quiz Set 9

To view the answers take your mouse over the Ans . To know more about the answer click Ans . Answers are also there in comments so that people can also view them through mobile .

1. This portal founded by New Delhi based sisters Megha Singhal and Aditi Gupta with the tagline “for the large hearted” offers unique matrimonial services. Name the website?


2. ID this fellow and what is his claim to fame?


Hint :


3. Is that a ‘social’ bird?

What is the name of this plane?


4.Yahoo’s kid section/web guide is called as?


5. TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams) , which manages the Tirupati temple is said to be in talks with cell phone networks to introduce what service ?



One thought on “Business Quiz Set 9

  1. 1.
    2. This is V Jayadevan, responsible for the creation of the V Jayadevan method as a replacement for the Duckworth Lewis Method.
    3. Virgin’s #nerdbird plane
    4. Yahooligans
    5. e-Hundi service where devotees can contribute money via a mobile phone.

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