Business Quiz Set 10

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1. A market theory that suggests that when a company reveals bad news to the public, there may be more related negative events that are yet to be revealed.Name of the theory is ?

Hint :


2. Tribute.

Whose creations do you see on the walls ?

Hint :


3.This man developed one of the most popular file-format and the first software to create it. The software carried his initials in its name. Who is he? What did he create?

Hint :


4. On what day Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple computers in 1976?


5. UNIX was first called UNICS (Uniplexed information and computing system). The name was incidentally changed to UNIX, what was the reason behind this ?



3 thoughts on “Business Quiz Set 10

  1. 1. Cockroach Theory
    2. ‘Cafe Mondegar’ interiors, on Colaba Causeway, painted by Mario Miranda
    3. Phil Katz, creator of PKZIP and .ZIP file format.
    4. April Fool’s Day
    5. UNICS sounded like eunuchs, so to avoid such connotations the ‘CS’ was shortened to a ‘X’.

  2. 1. Cockroach
    2. Mario Miranda
    3. Phil Katz… He created Zip file format
    4. April Fool Day
    5. Unics sounded as Eunuchs… Thats why they shortnd it to Unix…

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