Business Quiz Set 8

To view the answers take your mouse over the Ans . To know more about the answer click Ans . Answers are also there in comments so that people can also view them through mobile .

1. Identify this person , she is India’s “first Woman photographer”?

Hint :


2. Because some people are just worth knowing…


3. Wow
What is this used for?

Hint :

1. Take ur cursor over hint

2. Click on hint


4. The order of two surnames was decided by tossing a coin by the founders and established the company in Alto, CA. Which is the company?


5.What does ‘Zen’ in the Maruti Zen stand for ?



One thought on “Business Quiz Set 8

  1. 1 . Homai Vyarawala “(Tata Nano’s first owner and India’s first woman photojournalist.)”
    2 . This is Joe Bonamassa.
    3 . “This is called “bullet time.” The cameras are set up from various angles in an arc to simultaneously capture images or fire at different times. The effect simulates variable speed animation – e.g. the super slow motion bullet dodging action scenes in the matrix.
    4 . Hewlett-Packard (HP)
    5 . Zero Engine Noise

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