Business Quiz Set 7

To view the answers take your mouse over the Ans . To know more about the answer click Ans . Answers are also there in comments so that people can also view them through mobile .

1. Identify Company related to the print ad?? .. One of the easier Ones..

Hint :


2.Simple for some

This is an album cover. Just give the artist and the name of the album.

Hint :


3. This guy was a quizmaster favorite and used to routinely appear in “tech-quizzes” about 5 years ago. Not so popular now, just like the once super popular website he created. Who he?


4. A company in 1998, approached founders for a merger, but Yahoo refused saying them to come back when they had grown up. Which company is that?


5. Connect : Sea Wolf, Enigma, Valhalla, Psyche, Shrike



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