Business Quiz Set 3

To view the answers take your mouse over the Ans . To know more about the answer click Ans . Answers are also there in comments so that people can also view them through mobile .

1. This firm commissioned 4 Science Fiction authors to produce
an online Anthology – ‘The Tomorrow Project’, which was created
by Mr Brian David Johnson, the firm’s resident futurist. The
purpose behind the exercise is directed towards helping the
employees imagine the future uses for the firm’s technology & try
developing products assimilating the same. Identify this firm ?


2. The family members of a firm that was incorporated in 1994
by Mr S.M.Jalan in Kolkata, have made a low key entry into the
Hindi Entertainment industry, by producing this small budget
Hindi Movie. Name this Firm whose marketed products are
endorsed by Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif ?


3. Excellence

Identify the company from its self explanatory logo


4. Connect



5. GT, Agila, Antara, Insignia and Ampera are key
brands of which company?



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